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3 Hour Diet At Home

"Eat More Often And
Watch The Lbs. Fall Off"

The 3-Hour Diet was designed to allow you to eat more often and lose more weight safely.

Now it's even easier to do with the choice to have healthy meals based on the Diet delivered fresh to your home.

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3 Hour Diet At Home

The 3-Hour Diet At Home program is a nationwide delivery service that prepares and delivers fresh meals based on Jorge Cruise's 3-Hour Diet.

how it works:

The science behind the 3-Hour Diet is simple.  A slim body is determined by timing.  Eating the right foods every 3 hours turns off the "starvation protection" mechanism.  This ensures fat is used as fuel and lean muscle is preserved thus increasing metabolism.  It's also known to lower the belly bulging hormone known as cortisol, suppress appetite and lower cholesterol levels.*

Smaller, more frequent meals spread out the "nutrient load," slows absorption of carbohydrates, helps keep insulin and glucose levels stable.  And when blood sugar levels are stable and appetite is under control, you will not feel hungry. When you’re in control of your appetite, you’re in control of your weight.

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When you eat is as important as what you eat.  But who has time to shop and prepare fresh meals every three hours?  The 3-Hour Diet at Home takes all the work out of Jorge Cruise's successful weight lose program.

The 3 Hour Diet At Home program features two select menus starting at $19.95 per day.