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Bryan Kest Power Yoga Collection

"Strengthen Your Core and
Improve Alignment"

Bryan Kest, yogi to the stars, has brought his wildly popular power yoga classes to home dvd.

Volume 1 - Energize is a beginner-level class that nonetheless is smartly designed to provide challenges for all levels of users.

Volume 2 - Tone in which Kest turns up the intensity, holding a variety of twisting poses for long stretches of time. It's OK to take it easy, rest, or modify the routines to your ability, which is part of the reason the tape is so useful.

Volume 3 - Sweat is a slightly shorter version of the challenging class Kest teaches in person. There are still all the gentle, firm admonitions to listen to your body, not to feel competitive with anyone else in how you do the pose (and as long as you heed them, you'll do fine).

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Bryan Kest Power Yoga Complete Collection

Bryan Kest Power Yoga Complete Collection
dvd format