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3 Keys To Fitness

"Fitness Trinity"

The whole Fitness Trinity concept evolved from my history of traveling the "up/down motivation" roller coaster.

I was always falling off the fitness wagon, then I'd re-group, tell myself "I'm really gonna do it and stick to it this time... yada, yada, yada."

Can you relate to the seemingly perpetual cycle - exercising but not eating properly, eating properly but not consistently exercising, or doing both for a while, getting the results I wanted... then quitting (although I would tell myself I was only taking a break - my reward for being so good... sure).

The Fitness Trinity is based on 3 key factors that must be used together for long term health and weight loss.  It is a combination of mind, diet and exercise - all 3 are crucial to achieving and maintaining your fitness goals.   

Mind + Diet + Exercise = Fitness

To be honest, the idea is nothing new, it's really common sense but when the answer is right before you, we tend to ignore the obvious.  It's not just about getting a great body, it's about wellness and longevity.

The 1st Key (Mind) is the wanting and/or desire to change and actually carrying out the necessary actions of maintaining a lifestyle of exercising and healthy meal planning.  It has to be a natural, sustained impulse in order to achieve long-term success.

Mental action begins with deciding, you must make a decision to just "do it" - but what if you can't decide or remain committed in executing your decision even if you want?  Well, it's all mental.  It all starts with banishing old habits and clearing out decades of thoughts that have become so ingrained that they keep you in a place where you're not happy or satisfied.

Next, begin to renew your mind with positive thoughts to kill destructive habits.  There are excellent subliminal hypnosis resources provided to help you to do this effortlessly, almost like flipping on a mental switch to easily put you on track to becoming a healthier, happier individual.

When you change your mind, you will change your body and ultimately your world.

The 2nd Key (Diet) is actually pretty simple - keep your diet natural and healthy and enhance it with supplementation.  Our bodies can process and absorb natural, organic foods better primarily because their not man-made or processed.  The result is we have more energy, think clearly, feel better physically and emotionally.

Sometimes the transition from old to new eating styles can be difficult, but with healthy meal delivery solutions available, this can take away the headache of grocery shopping, measuring and preparing when you can have your meals delivered right to you.  It certainly makes it easier to stick to your diet and reach your weight loss target a lot faster without the typical dieting issues.

 The 3rd Key (Exercise) is a must.  We are made to move.  We are designed to be active which is why it is so important to develop a workout style or program that works for you while still challenging you at the same time.  We offer plenty of workout styles to assist you in getting started.

These 3 fundamental keys became apparent to me after years of plowing through trendy supplements, exercise videos and diets.  I realized I experienced my most significant gains when I worked out consistently, ate 5 small healthy meals a day (to maintain healthy metabolism levels) and changed my beliefs about my body and eating.

I can truly say I am living my personal best (physically, mentally and emotionally) because of the Fitness Trinity Rule - all 3 keys are the underlying elements to many sustained, weight loss success stories, including my own.

If this were not the answer, ask yourself, why does the fine print on every supplement label read "Intended to be used as part of a program that includes a healthy diet and exercise" or "Must be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program".  Makes a lot of sense when you think about it, doesn't it.

It's really about the healthy diet and exercise, just add the right attitude and mindset and you've got the secret - in reality, there is no secret, it's actually pretty simple.

Use the 3 keys (renewed mind, healthy diet and consistent exercise) in combination and you will be unstoppable in your fitness glory.

Source: Mona