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Learn Exotic Dancing

"Unleash Your Own Unique Confidence,
Sex Appeal, Beauty and Power"

Learn exotic dancing by going to Exotic Dance School.  Exotic dance champion, Fawnia Mondey, has created "Exotic Dance School" for exotic dancers and people who would like to strip tease for their partners!

From pole work to weight training, "exotic dance lessons" is for men and women who want to boost their body confidence and re-ignite the embers of their passion for each other!  Discover how to strip tease, pole and lap dance for your partner while toning your body.

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Exotic Dance School
dvd formats

The Art of Exotic Dancing: Striptease Series - Dances Moves and Floor Work The Art of Exotic Dancing: Introduction to Lapdancing and Entertaining Your Man The Art of Exotic Dancing: Striptease Series - Pole Work
Dance Moves &
Floor Work
Lapdancing & Entertaining
Your Man
Pole Work
Advanced Pole Work & Fire: The Art of Exotic Dancing Pole Dancing for Real Women: A Pole Lot of Fun!  
Advanced Pole Work & Fire
Pole Dancing For
Real Women: A Pole Lot Of Fun