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Medifast Diet

"Quick, Easy Clinically Proven
Weight Loss Diet"

Medifast is a highly effective meal replacement diet, which has been satisfying customers for over 25 years.

Medifast has been recommended by over 15,000 physicians and has been clinically proven at Johns Hopkins.

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Medifast Diet:

 Medifast Diet Delivery

Medifast is a low calorie, low fat, nutritionally balanced program that helps people lose weight faster than traditional diet plans.  Medifast products come in individual packets that you mix with water, shake, microwave, or refrigerate to create an assortment of meals.  Medifast is available in a wide variety of foods and flavors including shakes, bars, puddings, creamy soups, chili, oatmeal and hot cocoa.

how it works:

The clinically proven results of Medifast are based on the use of a defined formula diet.  The program was carefully designed to create a gap between the calories you take in and the amount your body needs.

Each nutritionally balanced Medifast Meal is formulated with a proven combination of carbohydrates and protein to allow you to successfully lose weight without losing muscle.

Clinical studies have shown that people lose 2-5 lbs. a week with Medifast.  As with most diets, we suggests that you talk to your doctor prior to starting a weight loss program.

Medifast programs have been recommended by over 15,000 physicians and used by over one million customers.  Medifast has been providing a clinically proven approach to weight loss and nutrition for over 25 years.  Clinical studies have shown the plan to be very effective as well as medically safe.

Medifast Diet

Medifast is offering customers a FREE week of product with the purchase of a 4-week supply.  Customers also receive free shipping with the purchase of a 4-week supply.