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"Self-Development For
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Subliminal CDs - Self Help For The 21st Century

Subliminal refers to something that exists below the consciousness (subconscious).

The subconscious part of the mind controls the life that exists just below the conscious mind.

In order to make permanent & positive changes one should reach the subconscious part of the mind.

In order to achieve more in lives, a range of subliminal CDs were designed by the professionals.  There are subliminal CD programs to boost performance and enhance mental attitudes, reduce stress levels and to motivate people, program while studying, programs that let your mind work for you, etc.  Subliminal CD helps in releasing the amazing power of the human mind.

Subliminal CD contains positive programs specific to a particular goal.  The brain at the subconscious level receives these positive instructions in order to accelerate the process of achieving the goals of our conscious mind.  The subliminal CD works rapidly because the instruction passes through the logical mind where our imposed beliefs and limitations about ourselves operate.

The subliminal CD is the most technically advanced product of its kind.  When subliminal CD is played worries stored in the subconscious mind are replaced by thousands of powerful positive statements for happiness, achievement and success.  The subliminal CD gives dynamic results when used with Alpha programming.  The subliminal CD can be used in educational sectors, corporate sectors and even in military sectors.  The US Army for achieving superior performance uses subliminal CD.

Subliminal CD is the ultimate time management aid to greater achievement and success.  Learning can be enhanced using subliminal CD in three different ways:

To achieve better results, one should listen to the subliminal CD every day for at least for one hour, which helps in exposure of the brain to the waves quickly.  The waves should be comfortably heard.

Listening to the subliminal CD a number of times helps in picking up the noise of the voices.  Rewinding the subliminal CD is not required.  It can be listened from any point.  It can be picked up or left at any point.  Subliminal CD can be listened for a few minutes or can be played continuously for long hours.  Subliminal CD can be more effective if the content of the tape is not known.  The conditioning of an entire lifetime is not going to be permanently changed in a few days or in a few weeks.  Every programming takes time.  Normally benefits will start to be felt after a couple of weeks, sometimes within days.

Subliminal CD cannot work against a personís will.  The user should hold a strong determination for change.  If a person does not want change in him, the subliminal CD will have no effect on the personís mind consciously or subconsciously.

Source:  Michael Priory

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