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Subliminal Messaging

"Transforming The Subconscious"

What is Subliminal Messaging

Subliminal messaging is the mode of communicating successfully with the sub consciousness mind.

Subliminal messaging is carefully implanted into all forms of communication media throughout the world.

The main aim of subliminal messaging is to send a message without the receiver's conscious awareness.

This technique of sending subliminal messaging has been successfully working since last 25 years.  Now a days, subliminal messaging are being used in advertisements.  Subliminal messaging are also implanted in all forms of media for the remembrance of the people because subliminal messaging is helpful in making subliminal self-help audio tapes for changing human habits and behaviors like overeating, smoking, drinking etc.

Subliminal messaging can be also implanted in noises like sound of the ocean, lightening etc.  It influenced in changing the learner's behavior.  There are many biases related to this technology of subliminal messaging.

Subliminal messaging that is not known to people are reflected through Ethical Consideration.  Ethics can be challenging or doubtful, neither absolute nor relative.  None of the ethical theory is applicable for every situation.  It includes the question of its correctness.

Generally people do not want to be influenced by other people without their own prior knowledge.  Even many people have a strong belief that subliminal messaging can be used to change their minds and affect their habits and behavior.  Those people consider subliminal messaging, as a media that is highly used as unwanted influences, such as false rumors about a political candidate and so on.

Subliminal messaging is mainly used for Behavior, Confidence, Diplomacy, Discipline, Refinement, Mystery, Influence, and Manner etc.

A research was performed on 20 women to prove the effectiveness of subliminal messaging.  For the research 20 women with an average age of 25 were chosen based on normal alertness and normal hearing ability.  In this study, 2 types of subliminal messaging were used - neutral and emotional.

Each woman was exposed to both stimuli for 2-hour for 2 consecutive weeks.  The orders of subliminal messaging were random.  All subliminal messaging were presented to the women in both alert posture and relaxed posture using a set of headphones.

Each woman heard a consistent noise sound to establish stabilization of the baseline physiological measures in alert posture.  After establishing the baseline for 10 minutes, the "emotional" subliminal messaging where then sent at different intensity levels for the first phase.

At each level of intensity, the "emotional" subliminal messaging where repeatedly sent for 1 minute to record the physiological responses.  For the second phase, the same procedure was repeated for the "neutral" subliminal messaging.

For the third phase, they heard the emotional subliminal messaging in relaxed posture and for the fourth phase, the neutral subliminal messaging was sent.

From the research it was concluded that the emotional and biological responses the women gave were witnessed and recorded as they were receiving subliminal messaging below their specific detection threshold.  This was the case for both emotional and neutral subliminal messaging.

When they had to pay attention to the listening subliminal messaging, the physiological response was increased with the volume intensity more than with the meaning of the words but when listened in relaxed posture; the physiological response was increased more with the meaning of the words than the sound level.

Subliminal messaging sent to a person who is not paying attention to the messages are more effective than those sent to a person who is focused on the subliminal messaging.

Source:  Michael Priory

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