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The FIRM Express Body Sculpting System

"Become FIRM, Fabulous
and Healthy"

The FIRM has created an all new program of accelerated workouts appropriately titled FIRM Express Body Sculpting System.

Constantly searching for the latest in scientific research to amplify their mega cardio sculpt weight loss formula, the FIRM's Master Instructors have developed the next phase of accelerated fitness workouts.

It is called Get Thin In 30.  The FIRM's fastest most effective program to date. The workouts have been narrowed to just 3 20 minute sessions a week... THAT's IT!.

FIRM Express is segmented in to a 4 cycle system: Ignite, Accelerate, TurboCharge & Overdrive - all ranging from moderate to high impact including weights (5 - 12 lbs).

Cycle 1: Ignite

Cycle 1 prepares your body for achieving the best results by using Mini Bursts to jumpstart your metabolism. You will go from a classic sculpting routine to straight cardio sequences with Mini Bursts incorporated throughout - hitting every muscle group and stubborn, resistant abs.

Cycle 2: Accelerate

Cycle 2 concentrates on calorie burning, carving & firming muscles. You challenge and subsequent results are maximized here with alternating jump transitions, sport drills and Mini Bursts.

Cycle 3: TurboCharge

Cycle 3 focuses on leaning out your body with the best cardio and muscle toning exercises that help in increasing agility and balance. Kettlebell style exercises are fused with high-intensity Mini Burst progressions, including low impact alternatives. This workout is designed to keep your body guessing for rapid results.

Cycle 4: Overdrive

Cycle 4 capitalizes on all of the work of the prior Cycles for total body fat-burning, belly fat elimination and beautiful lean muscle tone & definition.

If shrinking your time commitment and waistline to achieve the ultimate dream body for you, then the FIRM Express workout program is one to learn more about.

The FIRM Express

The FIRM Body Sculpting System 2
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