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Winsor Pilates

"Strengthen Your Core and
Improve Alignment"

Sculpt and tone your body slim using dynamic sequencing with Winsor Pilates by Mari Winsor.  The Windsor Pilates workout packages are divided into 4 different packages.

Best Value / Maximum Burn - for those who want the best bet for the fastest results. Achieve maximum burn, lose weight, strengthen and tone, with workouts that help you slim down and shape problem areas.

Targeted Training / Maximum Burn - for those who want to maximize the burn and target problem areas - abs and buns.

Super Sculpting - for those who want to receive the complete Winsor Pilates Basic Sculpting Circle Series plus an additional workout in a one time shipment.

Basic Sculpting Circle Series - TV offer - for those who want to increase the level of resistance to their workout and help hit major muscles for a quick body tune-up, while enjoying the hassle-free convenience of receiving 2 new workouts every other month.

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Winsor Pilates

Winsor Pilates
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